Amazing Briefs

October 2nd, 2012 by Carrie, the Just Mildly Medicated gal

I love my Amazing Briefs!

So I am in line to buy Debbie Boone, the AMAZING metal chicken¬†and remember that I am in need underwear. I decide to make a mad dash to grab some instead of my normal ‘forget it, I will get it next time’. Which my normal ‘forget it’ is exactly why I NEED to get underwear. So I hold Lilly’s hand and wheel our cart to the back of the store (because Murphy’s Law is very accurate in that what you forget is furthest from you at the time of the remembering.)

Now mind you I am road tripping so I am not looking for anything of the raise an eyebrow variety here, just a 3 pack of good ole fashion cover your ass underwear. So I look at sizes, see mine and grab em. Whoohoo I bought everything I needed, which yes included a chicken and underwear and I am very pleased with my awesomeness.

We get back to the room and I tear them open and all I can say is… well… nothing I was laughing to hard…

First to really understand the world of womens’ underwear you have to really take a look at the sizing…

apparently you measure an area in which most normal underwear will not have contact with…

Okay so back to my underwear… the Amazing Briefs as I have now dubbed them…

SERIOUSLY, I am not a big gal and this was the “correct” size. As I threw the packaging away I can only assume I have purchased something along the lines of ‘ridiculously bloated size blah blah with extra giant torso”. I know right, I didn’t know they made those either.

I have found the Amazing Briefs can give you a gangster housewife look because your pants can be on appropriately AND have 3 inches of underwear showing from the top! (that’s hotel carpet, I am not awesome enough to pull that off at home)

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  1. rjohann710 says:

    Re Mad Mom; This is good writing. Very good writing.

    I commend your ability to deal with the cruelty of life even as you feel deeply this absurdity that is our mortality.

    To lose basic physical functionality is so disconcerting that those who deal with it tend to blame those who have experienced the loss. It just scares the shit out of everyone concerned.

    I do not know what medical options you can choose; the bit that I picked-up from reading these blog posts suggests that they all suck in some big way. I hope whatever course you take is one in which you watch your children continue to grow and develop and become the hope of our world. Sounds sappy but at some point; our children get to call the shots and struggle to push that rock uphill.

    The life in you simply shines through in your writing; as does well concealed pain. The intelligence revealed within the words is formidable – as I well remember.

    That you share a relationship with “the man of my dreams” is a pearl beyond price. And for that: I am very very happy for you.

    I know a little of what it is like to come up against a diagnosis that threatens to take one’s abilities and even one’s life away.

    What I have learned is that maintaining a close relationship with one’s spouse is enormously challenging when physical disaster strikes, but it is the one thing that makes going on possible – while the children’s continued growth make continuing necessary. (The fear that I could not be there for mine was enormous when I got injured.)

    So please keep writing. You have a lot to say; and you also allude to a book. I hope you are well along with writing it. You certainly have the talent to create books that a great many would read.

    The U.S. populace at large has precious little clue about real military life; just a lot of propaganda about taking care of the troops.

    It is a life of sacrifice; but it can be the very best kind of life – one that matters.

    Thank you for sharing with me this part of you. I hope to stay in touch, and I pray that you will find objective doctors subjective enough to also be fellow human beings.

    VTY Roy

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