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My Favorite Bag for IV Therapy

July 21st, 2014 by Carrie, the Just Mildly Medicated gal

Every gal has a favorite bag, even us chronically sick chicks.

So why is it I was using a bag daily that I didn’t like?

When you use IV therapy regularly you become familiar with a black back pack, yes, a black back pack. Everything you need for the day fits snugly and it truly does the job of carrying around a CADD pump, lines, IV bag, saline and heparin to flush the port, and all other accessories that go along with IV therapy.


But I was done using a bag I didn’t like every single day I knew it was time to consider some new options. I looked at a few bags I already owned but none really fit what I wanted, I had no luck at all in stores. It wasn’t until I looked at the rest of my medical supplies that I figured it out. I was using cuter bags to store my medical equipment in than the one I was walking around with. I needed a 31 Bag for the job!

My weekly IV supplies organized in 31 Bags

My 31 bags for medical supplies   My 31 bags for medical supplies

When I contacted my 31 gal I told her what I was looking for…

* a cute bag

* not crazy big

* had to to hold daily IV supplies

* have room to hold other random things a gal needs

* it needed to close

Honestly I wasn’t sure we would fill the order, I was wrong! It was narrowed down to one bag, after a color choice and some thoughts on personalization, the perfect bag was on it’s way to my house!

Just Mildly Medicated

As you can see I chose to put “medicated” on mine, and after using the new bag for the last two weeks I can tell you it has filled my every want in a daily bag to tote around all of this IV gear.

Here I am packing up for the day with a 1500 ml bag of saline.

Just Mildly Medicated

… and I still have room for my wallet, Ipad, and phone…




and we are off to start our day, hope you have a great one too!


If you are interested in having a super cute 31 Bag >click here<

On the right you’ll see “view our catalog”

My new bag is under purses and is called “Vary You”

“This versatile purse offers functionality and style. Wear it four different ways simply by changing the straps – as a regular backpack, one-shoulder backpack, crossbody or shoulder bag. It has two large compartments and a front flat pocket, so you’ll have enough room to carry everything you need. There’s even a patent pending on the innovative new design!”

Size: Approx. 12.5″ H x 13.5″ W x4″D

My weekly supplies are stored in an Organizing Utility Tote and Deluxe Utility Tote