Crap! I’m not wearing my costume!

October 2nd, 2012 by Carrie, the Just Mildly Medicated gal

So the other day Hubby and I are outside with the 3 little kids. I am sick and feel like hell but watching kids play is good stuff so I drag my half alive butt off the couch bring the blanket with me considering I am in 2 day old PJs which as any self respecting mother knows would not include a bra.

Happy laughter, kids running… okay its been 5 minutes I am ready to go back inside and slowly die of phlegm induced drowning when I see our younger son (6) on his scooter. He has no helmet and is literally flying down the hill on our street. I stand up braced for whats about to happen and BOOM. He falls and bounces off the side walk, into the grass and finally the street. Rob was closer and made it to him and was carrying him back to our yard to evaluate the damage.

Hubby looks up at me and says “Let me have the blanket to put under his head” of course I immediately hand it over as we are looking him over. Anything to make my falling apart boy more comfortable as we make sure he is still in working condition. Until I realize all the neighborhood kids are here, and in our hood that is like 20. I am in a tshirt and yoga pants with no freaking bra on and my blanket is under my crying child’s head. Now I know this shouldn’t matter at that moment, and it didn’t.

It did start to matter when Hubby took the little man wrapped in my blanket to the truck and off to the after hour clinic to be sure he was as okay as our combined medical experience seemed to believe him to be. I was left with the said 20 kids in my yard asking if I thought he was going to be okay. Now I am left there thinking ‘great, not only was my kiddo not wearing a helmet but now I am that lady they will have horrifyingly burned into their brains who stood in the yard with no bra on’. Now before you call child services on me I think I did okay at covering the whole thing(s) up.

The kiddo is fine, some band aids and Motrin and he is as good as new. I got on the computer that night and found this gem by accident and just couldn’t resist sharing.

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