Friday’s Letters: Celebrities in the Hood!

February 15th, 2013 by Carrie, the Just Mildly Medicated gal

I don’t do writing prompts often, and when I do I usually break all the rules anyway…

So instead of  “Five People (from any time in history)You Would Like to Have Dinner With” I have chosen to give my top 5 ALIVE NOW (no dead people, that’s yucky) celeb families I’d like to move into my neighborhood.

Dear celebrities that I would like to move into my neighborhood,

While I have to admit I have a pretty awesome crew of friends I wouldn’t mind any of these families being new additions around the corner. It will be great, we can bring each other meals when we are sick, have Moms Night Out and even host some football parties and stuff. I am not the interview type and I am not looking to touch your sleeve or anything creepy. Just solid book club and family friendly block parties. So if you are looking for a new place let me know.

Thanks for considering my hood,

Drum Roll Please:

The Affleck- Garner crew-

Are they not the BOMB!?!

The Hasselbeck crew-

I would even be cool enough to say “Hey, umm guys…
you have something right there… yeah on your lip”
pic from

The Spelling (or is it McDermott) crew:

My hood needs more people
walking a leashed goat and wheel barreled kids!
pic from from US Weekly
The Shields crew-

The Fox crew-

“A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Cure Parkinsons’ Event

So, who do you want in your hood?

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3 Responses

  1. Okay.
    1. Love the Garners. Jennifer is just real.
    2. No. :)
    3. Only because Dylan is HOT.
    4. Meh.
    5. NO! I have had a crush on Michael J Fox since Family Ties. I LOVE him. I was DEVASTATED when he married Tracy Pollan. It doesn’t matter that I was only 13. And I still love him and have a space set aside in my heart for him should he ever need me. But living so close would be too hard. ;)

  2. in pursuit says:

    I’m so bummed I forgot to reply to your Facebook message last night!! Afflek/Garners are my all time fav!! Definitely. I’d also like Julia Roberts and crew simply because they are experienced and will be toally normal. For that reason I’d also like Sandra Bullock. I’d even babysit her cute kid and I HATE babysitting. Yes, i have 2 kids of my own but that’s not important. I’d like Robert Pattinson to rent a house for 1 month so I coudl see if he was cute or not- pictures are so confusing. ONe day he’s hot the next day he’s ugly. I’d also like to have a chance to kick Kristen Stewart in the ovaries. Just sayn’. And I’m pretty sure I could only handle the tween (and moms like me) stalking my neighborhood for 4 weeks or less.

  3. KMelang says:

    Great pics, especially if you get them all together. Could be a fun ego fight to watch. I’d have to add Pink to the mix just to make it interesting.

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