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January 18th, 2013 by Carrie, the Just Mildly Medicated gal

Dear Home-ownership,
You’ve reduced my life to a series of repair and domestics that I am slightly uncomfortable with. The fact that I was put into the uncomfortable position of dropping acid last weekend because of you is something I will never forget. Mostly because it was in a toilet and it actually caused smoke. It was like watching Bill Nye the Science Guy only with lots of F bombs.


Dear 7 Year Old Son,
Thanks for keeping your dad and I in stitches. At the doctors office when he was asked to do things like draw a square, write his name and draw a stick figure. After completing the tasks he asks the doctor “Why did you want me to do that?” the doctor explained that some kids have a hard time doing those things. Dear 7 year old says “You do know I have been alive seven years right?”

Love ya,

Dear Sony Pictures Television,
You are bad ass! I am so happy to hear about the new sitcom where the one and only Micheal J. Fox will play a news anchor dealing with family, career and Parkinson Disease. For those that are not familiar Parkinson Disease, along with Multiple System Atrophy and (my own personal chronic illness of choice) Pure Autonomic Failure are all forms of Primary Autonomic Failure.
Michael J. Fox: ‘As Long As I Play A Guy With Parkinson’s, I Can Do Anything’  <~ link with a video


image from screen rant

Dear Twitter,
You have been my social media nemesis, I didn’t understand the hashtag and kept calling my tweets a twit. Oh but the tables have turned… I am tweeting like a boss! Okay maybe not like a boss per se, but I am getting it. You should follow me, like right now. If you do you’ll see fun stuff I’ve tweeted and retweeted (see I know I didn’t retwit). Stuff like “Wanna see white people get excited? Play the intro to “Brass Monkey”.” <~ TRUTH! “Who knew #homeowning would have so much toilet #plunging … I miss on Post maintenance #militarylife” <~~ TRUTH “This cool chick is supposed to be #writingabook and gets distracted… Sorry not a joke, it’s me” <~TRUTH… Twitter is the secret to all truth, okay maybe that is a stretch.

Twittin like a boss,

Holy Mildly Medicated Twitter Batman!  <~ twit link

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  1. Katie says:

    Wow! So excited for Michael J Fox. I had no idea he has a new series!
    Love little guys comment to the doc. Sounds exactly like something mine would say!
    Just loving your posts!

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