Friday’s Letters

December 28th, 2012 by Carrie, the Just Mildly Medicated gal

Friday’s Letters

Dear Bank Account,

I am sorry I ripped so much from you so quickly. It really wasn’t my fault, the pressure from this old guy in a red suit was just too overwhelming to deny. I will make every attempt to make it up to you over the next few months.
Financially yours,

Dear Birthday,
You were awesome, well actually you suck but my family made you awesome. As a matter of fact birthday, I think you owe my family a thank you card. Without them I may have been in a corner drunk telling you to go away.
Another year older,

Dear Authors,
It would be great if you could stop writing so many great books, I mean just for a little while. I am never going to finish writing a book if I spend all my time reading your books.
Thank you for your consideration,


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  1. Kat Biggie says:

    I found you somehow today… I’ve been all over the place… oh yes, it was your post on following facebook pages on bloggy mom! I was drawn to it because I also have a chronic illness. I haven’t started blogging about that yet, but I look forward to following you. is my blog.

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