Fridays’s Letters: Morning Announcements, Lights and The Brady Bunch

February 1st, 2013 by Carrie, the Just Mildly Medicated gal

Dear Children,

Yes, I make announcements. At some point during the day I try to keep an even tone without being a creepy mom and say, “There will be no running, no yelling, and no playing anything in the house that includes running, yelling or touching for that matter. Please pick up after yourself. Reminder; you will be asked to help clean up at some point, please refrain from eye rolling and huffing as you know it is coming already it should not surprise or depress you.”  After a few slouches and huffs I reply, “Yes, I am aware these are the same announcements every day. Yes, I am glad you understand these are the same announcements every day.”

So if you find this as redundant as I do WHY ARE YOU RUNNING IN THE HOUSE?

Confused (because I have faith that you understand),


Dear First Grade Curriculum,

Let’s start covering the conservation of electricity, I could use the help. I will say curriculum, I know it is not your burden alone but during my announcements I have added “and turn off the light when you leave the room” in response to EVERY LIGHT ON THE MAIN FLOOR BEING ON. I added in my spiel “I know you guys cover electricity and water conservation in school.”  My 4th grader said yes and rattled off ways to conserve on both water and electricity, mind you this is why I have faith that you guys understand. Our 1st grader, in a very serious tone, added “That is not part of 1st grade education.”

So in hindsight you probably are covering it, maybe we need some coloring pages…

Wasted Energy,


Dear Brady Bunch,

Y’all really are timeless. My boys were channel flipping and watched 2 classic episodes. They actually liked it. I mean after they were done mocking the hair, the clothes and the 70’s-isms… there really is a lot to mock. Point is they got it; the family dynamic and the problem and resolution. We had a good conversation.


The part that got me though was when 1st grader said “If we had 2 more kids and an old lady that cooks we would BE the Brady bunch!” Okay clearly he wasn’t paying attention to the opening song… pretty self-explanatory. Then 4thgrader chimes in with “We could have foster kids and maybe Betty White could be the cooking lady.” Umm wow…


Lost in Brady Bunch Conversation with Boys,


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  1. Anonymous says:

    If Betty White is coming to your house to cook, I’m coming over for dinner!!!!

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