Reflecting; I need to show a little doctor love

April 25th, 2014 by Carrie, the Just Mildly Medicated gal

After some reflection on the topic of doctors I feel like I need to show a little love.

I know I am quick to giggle at a funny doctor meme



I’ve even challenged one to a recumbent bike race, and I’ve been known to break up with a few specialists. I’ve shared loads of conversations that were infuriating… but funny. Like this one from a trip to the ER…

“It could be worse, you have something rare that we don’t know how to treat, but it doesn’t seem to be terminal. We see things much worse than this”

Wow, umm, thanks…

“In India there isn’t a specialist in the entire country for what you have.”

Umm, we are still in Missouri, right?

But I am afraid I may be coming off as unappreciative of how many great doctors I have and undermining how thankful I am for them.

When you have a Chronic Illness and frequent physician’s waiting rooms as often as others are visiting restaurants you tend to see much more of the good, the bad, and the downright funny that just isn’t seen by those going for more routine visits. Not to mention that my Army wife gig has me moving every two or three years and starting the quest for new doctors all over again.

I remember my pacemaker trilogy where I was so frustrated by both my illness and my doctors that I thought I would cry… who am I kidding I did cry. It started with Phil Collins,  then got a bit Shakespearean,  then ended with child labor, an assault, and a break up

Ahh but I digress.

The point I wanted to make is that doctors are people, they have a wide range of personalities as well personal and professional experiences they are pulling from. Some you’ll connect with and some you won’t, and that’s okay.

For me having a chronic illness makes finding a team of doctors a bit more like going on a series of blind dates. I can get a pretty good vibe on if we’re connecting within the first few minutes. If we do connect my heart does a flutter (okay maybe that was just my crazy arrhythmia) and I look forward to the next time we’ll see each other. If we don’t connect I cannot wait to get out of there and avoid the phone call for the second date, I mean follow up appointment.

Ahh then there is always the one you’ve seen over a longer period of time, you thought you were connecting, you shared all kinds of personal information… then all of a sudden one day you realize it just isn’t working out.

These crazy doctor/ patient relationships seem odd to my healthy friends but the chronic illness crowd seems to understand. I just don’t want anyone feeling like I use doctors as punching bags… okay so I did fantasize about kicking one in the throat… but that was only that one time…

I am very thankful for my circle of doctors and hope you find a team of doctors that work for you.

Gentile hugs,

The Just Mildly Medicated gal

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  1. A very realistic portrayal of the relationship. Glad I stopped by for this one. Ellen

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