WEGO Health; How The Spoon Theory touched my family

April 16th, 2013 by Carrie, the Just Mildly Medicated gal

Oh WEGO Health you keep me busy.
“Write a comment about someone else’s blog post as your blog post”

The post that has by far had the biggest impact on me would be Christine Miserandino’s Spoon Theory from But You Don’t Look Sick.

Christine was able to take an exchange between friends that has resonated and become identifiable to so many, it was a true gift shared. The Spoon Theory has given a tangible presence to Chronic Illness, something people with medical conditions that are not seen by others truly need.

My husband sat in doctors appointments with me and had an understanding that I was not well, after reading The Spoon Theory his understanding developed and turned into an empathy and support one could only hope for in a partner.

If you are not familiar please take the time to visit The Spoon Theory
Who have you shared The Spoon Theory with? Was it helpful?

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  1. rob boone says:

    All those who have a spouse with a chronic illness the Spoon Theory is a must read. It will open up your eyes to the everyday struggles those with chronic illnesses face. You will understand when your significant other runs out of spoons and as corny as it sounds you will be their to provide that extra spoon to get them through the day!

  2. The Spoon Theory definately helped in my situation as well. I can’t even remember now where I heard about it first, probably on a forum or through FB. I have printed it out so many times to have people read, as well as sending the link to many friends that think they might have a chronic illness. It is the one thing that truly explains what we go through daily. My hubby, like yours, developed an understanding as well as empathy for me and to this day if he knows I am having a bad day he asks, “All your spoons gone?” Or he says jokingly, “Got any spoons left for me?” Or one of my favs, “Hey, save some of those spoons for me will ya’?” LOL!! I’ve also given it to my MIL when I couldn’t stand her asking me “How do you feel today?”(even though I know she means well) Finally, I had to tell her that I feel like crap every day, it’s the degree of crapiness that changes. Not sure if she really understands what I go through, but after reading the letter, I hope she has a better understanding. Glad you posted this. I’m sure it has helped a multitude of people with and without chronic illness.
    Be well, my friend!

  3. teresa bowen says:

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