WEGO Health; And the winner is…

April 10th, 2014 by Carrie, the Just Mildly Medicated gal

WEGO Health, and the winner is (this is where the drum roll should be)


Seriously …

I know, I couldn’t believe it either.

I was awarded the WEGO Heath Activist ‘Best Kept Secret’ Award. The awesome part about winning this particular award is that I may be a small fish in a big pond but the other fish think I’m doing something good here.

I always thought it was cheesy thing when nominees for anything would say, “It’s an honor just to be nominated.” I have to say it was just an honor to be nominated; it was pretty awesome that as a finalist I even received some WEGO loot!

WEGO Health Finialist
WEGO Health Finialist


In all seriousness it did mean everything to me. Before Dysautonomia (Orthostatic Intolerance and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia) really raised its ugly had I participated in life in a way that at this point I am not able to.

In my 20’s I had a budding career with a nutritional company based in the beautiful Florida panhandle, I negotiated advertising for commercials and loved it. I loved living near the beach with my daughter, I loved my job, and I loved going out. I closed many a dance club in my 20’s.

Then all Officer and a Gentleman style I was whisked off my feet and away from all I knew by the man of my dreams. I became an Army wife. I worked from home for a while before we decided I would stay at home with our daughter and try to have more children. Between deployments and a few more babies there were many great options for volunteer work. When I was in the work force I had reviews, I had promotions, and bonuses, there were coworkers and lunch breaks. It was sad for me to leave that environment but I soon found the life of an Army wife had many volunteer opportunities and I loved them as much as I loved working.

When Dysautonomia started to impact my life daily I lost a lot of the things that I felt made me who I was. Once illness takes over your world shrinks. All of those things that bring achievement and social interaction became too difficult. The things I did without giving it much thought, things like showering, blow drying my hair, laundry, and cooking, those simple things became the big achievements. Let’s face it, no one is giving out gold stickers for a mom showering or doing the dishes.

An organization like WEGO Health giving acknowledgment to health activists is huge, but not only are they bringing those of us who are making attempts to raise awareness together they are supporting us, giving us the pat on the back and the gold sticker to help keep us going on. Just a few examples of WEGO Heath’s amazing support other than the Health Activist Awards are their Press Corps program where they try to help activist attend conferences to gain knowledge and be a more physical presence in the health activist community, and Health Activist Round Table discussions to help connect with others raising awareness with similar conditions.

Thank you for all you’re doing WEGO Health!

I have a few others to thank who have helped along the way. Of course my husband and family both near and far, they have been so very supportive and understanding, I am truly blessed. I’d also want to thank Dr. Randy Thompson, this man has shed so much light to every question I have had… and I have had more than a few. My friends who have listened to my story and shown support without pity, it really means a lot. My nurse Teri who deals with my nonstop chatter every week and has even shared her own story in a guest post. With that I’d love to thank everyone who has contributed a guest post on Just Mildly Medicated, there have been many and I have loved each of you. My online community of bloggers and admins who have shared my story; a few are The Maddness of Motherhood on Facebook, the hilariously witty sick chick over at Living with Bob (Dysautonomia), and my bloggy buddy over at The Pursuit of Normal who has been all a bloggy buddy can be!

Here I am, this is a famous as I get ;)

Wanna see my big win… I warn you, I was a nervous dork…

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8 Responses

  1. Lindsay says:

    Congratulations! You absolutely deserve it – I love your blog and hope this award will help others find it who struggle with the same challenges.

    I did a little cheer when they announced you won on the video, even though I knew it was coming :)

  2. Much deserved recognition! And I completely understand what you mean about illness taking away so much. I’m very glad it GAVE you something for a change! Congrats!!!!!

  3. Vicky says:

    Oh my gosh you won you won you won!!! I am so happy and so very proud. I know Ives told you this before, but you are doing such amazing things with this blog. So many of us have not had experience with chronic illness. Although a blessing I’m not minimizing, it makes us unaware of what life is like for so many people around us. Thank you for the education, your authentic posts and wonderful heart. I’m blessed to know you!!

  4. I am so happy for you babe. Did a little dance for you when I heard. Well it was dancing in my head, but that counts right? I do hope there has been much partying to celebrate. xx

    PS thanks for the shout out

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