My Crew

I have a pretty big crew, and for that I am thankful!

The Just Mildly Medicated crew.

Hubby and I in Walking Dead T shirts

The Hubby and I, you could say we like The Walking Dead

my sons

The boys, referred to most often by age.

my youngest daughter

The littlest cutie pie.

My oldest daughter and I

My oldest cutie pie and I, she will now be referred to as the one who left me to go to off to college (10 minutes away).

Maggie the Goldenddoodle

and Maggie the Goldendoodle.

Then the Blog crew, without these guys this blog wouldn’t be what it is.


Jeremy from Designed by JK , always willing to explain how 2+2 still equals 4 even on the interweb.

Real Toons by DC

Davian, the man behind Real Toons and illustrator of the amazing cartoons you see on the Blog.