My Designer Dog; Labradoodle and Goldendoodle discrimination

January 11th, 2013 by Carrie, the Just Mildly Medicated gal

My dog faces discrimination

God I wish I were joking here but seriously for every 10 “oh my gosh your dog is so cute” I am bound to hear one dissertation on how ‘poodle mixes still cause allergens’ or ‘how in the world could you pay for  an overpriced mutt when there are so many in shelters?’

Crazy thing is it comes from both ends of the dog world spectrum, people with AKC purebreds and people who rescue. So in place of my usual Friday’s Letters, which normally consist of a few quickie lines to inanimate objects or people who cannot or are not interested in defending themselves on my Blog  (like my kids and celebrities) I’ve decided to tackle a few ‘designer dog’ issues.

** If you feel the need to argue these please feel free to comment, you can share this post with others who would like to argue too. The more the merrier J

**If you, like me, think who gives a whahoo about what kind of dog someone has you are pardoned from reading and may just glance at pics of my awesome dog and comment on her cuteness.

Goldendoodle cuteness

Poodle Mixes are not hypoallergenic —

It is true; dogs are animals and cannot be truthfully called hypoallergenic by definition. However many are allergy friendly.  If you find a reputable breeder (yes, I will tackle that next but there ARE reputable doodle breeders) you can work with them on your specific needs. Many people are allergic to a dog’s saliva and or dander. The first generation cross of poodle and lab or golden usually has a wide range of looks as well as shedding. Once you get to what is called an F1B in goldendoodle world, a low to non-shedding goldendoodle with a poodle the results are more consistent.

We did some standard allergy tests on 3 different pups from 2 different litters. My son reacted to one.  Temperament tests were done with the remaining two and we made our choice and signed Maggie up for live in puppy training before we were to pick her up.
Maggie does not shed and we’ve had no allergic reaction to her.
More information can be found at

Goldendoodles make great napping buddies

No reputable Breeder would breed mixes —

By current short definition a reputable breeder breeds to advance their breeding program and for their love and devotion to purebred dogs.  Considering ALL dogs are a product of selective breeding the term purebred is kind of silly. Look for a breeder who screens their dogs for genetic problems, will tell you the good points as well as the bad points of the breed (doodles require lots of grooming), will usually insist puppies sold as pets be spayed/neutered, will usually take back any dog of their breeding at any age. Visit the location, use your judgment.

Goldendoodles are well read

Designer Dog cost hype —

In short, yes. I do believe the price of certain designer dogs is too high. There is a lot of hype over certain breeds like labradoodles and goldendoodles, supply and demand is what determines price. This isn’t necessarily a breeder taking advantage this is an example of a free market. If someone is breeding a quality popular dog the asking price will be higher. Just be sure you are looking at a quality dog, many back yard mom and pop breeders are charging the same or slightly less than some quality breeding facilities with a full staff.

more Goldendoodle cuteness

Why not rescue —

For me personally the allergy testing made rescue seem like not as viable an option, however, don’t assume the couple down the street with three doodle dogs isn’t rescuing! Wonderful agencies deal specifically with doodles. If you are in love with the doodle and want to rescue check out the following sites.

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29 Responses

  1. Taylor B. says:

    What a precious doodle! I’ve also gotten questions and comments by people who are pro-purebred, pro-rescue, pro-shedding dogs…the list could go on and on

  2. brammynyc says:

    adorable pup! I have a labradoodle (who happens to be a rescue) and a poodle and am just pro dog!!! Enjoy her!!

  3. in pursuit says:

    Um, can I just have your doodle? So incredibly cute! And I also wear glasses and can take a nap so I think we would be well matched. Loved this post!

  4. Mama G says:

    I’m not an animal person (I’m not even a people person, come to think of it… lol. Seriously.) so I don’t have anything to comment on the whys and wherefores of how your dog got here. What I do have to say is that is probably the nicest looking dog I’ve ever seen in my life. I think I could stroke her all day, is she as soft as she looks? Awwww.

    M x

  5. So adorable!! We have Schnauzers, have had this breed all my life. Supposed to be one of those “less allergen” types that aren’t supposed to shed. I’ll tell you right now that the two I have now somehow lost that “no shed” gene somewhere down the line!! Still love them though, although I do have to vacuum more often :(

  6. Anonymous says:

    Lots of assumptions out there. People wonder about my car stickers “Goldendoodles” & “Adopt- a new attitude” . I don’t mind them asking – it’s a good conversation to have. Gotta find another sticker now for blind puppy mill dogs……..:)

  7. Lindsay says:

    Okay, I LOVE your dog. I am huge a dog lover – I don’t have my own (yet) due to apartment restrictions, but I have photos of all my “dogfriends” up on my fridge, along with pics of my human friends. I love ALL dogs, rescues, champion bred, purebreeds, mutts – it doesn’t matter. So, while I did read your post, I mostly just swooned over the photos of your adorably cute dog :)

  8. Pary Moppins says:

    He is so stinkin’ cute! We are dog lovers and have had pure breeds and rescues and to tell you the truth, we love our dogs equally and would expect that most dog owners do too. No condemnation on either side from our family. Found you through Bloggy Moms.

  9. Anonymous says:

    LOVE Maggie-doodle and LOVE that she loves the mutt-rescue dog down the street:)

  10. I love your doodle. He look exactly like mine. And I agree with you that it is great to adopt. But I know for me, I got mine at 21. If I adopted a dog and it turned out sick I could never afford to take care of it. Plus still living with my parents who have bad allergies I had to be very careful with what kind of dog I got. Plus I just love my goldendoodle, he is everything I could have ever wanted even though he is still a crazy puppy.

  11. Wondering if she is free Saturday night? I enjoy long walks by the ocean and eating dinner by candlelight! What a cutie! P.S. If she’s not into short men, then she need not reply~

  12. Kristy says:

    I have a website/blog devoted to discussing a designer breed called a Pomsky (Siberian Husky and Pomeranian mix). I haven’t gotten around to putting a post up on the “mixed breed are mutts” and “how dare you buy a designer breed instead of rescue” type criticisms. But those people are out of control. It is amazing how self-righteous and holier-than-thou some of them are.

    If you ever get around to it…before I do…and you want to syndicate it with a guest post on my site, I would love to have it. Or any other posts you have done. I am always looking to share great content with our readers and help send traffic to other bloggers.

    If you have any interest in that, please send me an email.

  13. That is one cute dog, whether from a pet store, rescue shelter, or breeder!
    Justin Knight- Writing Pad Dad

  14. My brother suggested I might like this blog.
    He was entirely right. This post truly made my day. You can not imagine simply how much time I had
    spent for this info! Thanks!

  15. Vicki Paterson says:

    Your pictures are wonderful! I have some very similar of my Australian Labradoodle, Teddy xx

  16. So, I found this post from googling, “People with Goldendoodles” just to see if I was the only doodle-obsesser out there! It’s very rare that I comment on sites, but I have to say, DOODLES ARE THE ULTIMATE ROCSTARS OF DOG BREEDS!!!! I have a 10-month-old f1b Goldendoodle, Simba, and he has totally changed my perspective on the “perfect pooch,” if you will. My father breeds labs for duck hunting, so I grew up loving labs. It wasn’t until 4 years ago that I encountered my first goldendoodle and TOTALLY realized just how phenomenal they are. I ended up getting Simba for my 21st birthday (unexpectedly), and have called him my best friend since! Call me crazy, but they HAVE to adapt to their owner’s persality…..Right? Every doodle I know is the spirit animal of their owner!!!

    PS- Your pooch rocks. Love his coat.

  17. CBDoodle says:

    As a doodle, myself, I agree there are some “animal lovers” who don’t get the doodle idea to the point of actual meanness — including ASPCAers and PETA people — and jealous AKC snobs. I find that weird. Mostly people like meeting me at a farmers market or the local Lowes or Tractor Supply, but some people won’t embrace the allergy-friendly reality of my carefully bred Australian Labradoodle history. We doodles have a great sense of humor, love games, are affectionate, smart and athletic — what could be wrong with that? Interestingly, we doodles do not judge the haters in return. This is an old string and this may not post, but i’ve been looking for doodle blogs ever since my humans taught me how to use a Mac.

  18. Sandra Arsenault says:

    I have a 7almost 8 year old golden doodlegreat dog,someone asked me what he was ,I told them they said oh a mutt,I was mad

  19. Helen Ferguson says:

    I have a goldendoodle that I chose at 3 weeks old and brought home at 8 weeks. He is just as incredibly cute as yours and he makes us so happy. He has a lovely temperament and is a handsome devil. We get stopped constantly and people love him. I don’t get any negative feedback and couldn’t imagine a single negative thing to say about such an adorable creature. For people who want to adopt – amazing. For people who want a pure bred – fantastic. For those that love goldendoodles – absolutely the best thing in the world. We may get another!

  20. Smith says:

    This is the first time i visit your blog…I appreciate your effort..Thank You for sharing this such a beautiful

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