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September 18th, 2014 by Carrie, the Just Mildly Medicated gal

The Red Band Society is a new show that premiered September 17th on Fox about a group of teenagers who are currently in a pediatric ward of a hospital. There seems to be a heavy emphasis on them “living” there when in fact the entire first season covers a 3 week period.

The show has mixed reviews at best and I can see why.  The pilots focus seemed to be on the preexisting relationships as well as the ones newly forming. The medical issues seemed very secondary, bordering a sympathy pull at best. They portray varying ages and conditions, which is a plus. Though one of the kids is prepping for surgery the others are in various stages of hanging out.

There are some things that I had a hard time getting over. Things like if the kids were well enough to be roaming the hospital, taking off in a doctors car, and having a party, all in the same afternoon I can’t help but feel the reality is they would be out-patient. On the flip side it was one day and on any given day yes, they could all be there.

I’ve been admitted for 2 weeks and never interacted with another patient other than surface smiles and light conversation if we were in the same area getting ready for a similar test.

Honestly when I’ve been admitted, often after passing out like our lovely snarky cheerleader (whom I do actually love) I haven’t been much able to get up from the bed let alone make friends. They slap a yellow Fall Risk bracelet on me, start an IV and monitors and I have to call the nurse every time I need to go to the bathroom.


My feelings are incredibly mixed. Do I think they are scratching the surface of what patients actually go through? Not yet, not even close, I am not even sure if that is the intention. I do feel like they are showing that kids suffering with illness have the same everyday teen issues like crushes, kisses, friendships, and family drama; in that sense it does help normalize the reality that with illness still comes life.

They do nail the point that hospitals do become normal for kids with medical issues and those kids can have fun there. My son isn’t admitted long term but his gastroparesis is being monitored weekly with a full day of tests once a week. We check in Friday morning at 9 and go home after 5, that is our current norm. There is down time between tests and he plays.

image    image    image

These were all taken the same day but only the fun picture seems to be what the show is interested in at this point.

Now here is where I change my mind.

It’s a show, it isn’t a documentary on life in a pediatric ward.

Maybe they will show more of a day in the life of each of the kids to include more of their life with a medical issue,  maybe it will stay teen drama with dark medical stuff in the back ground of awesomely decorated rooms (I mean seriously, the rooms are a bit too awesome). I am going to watch the first season to see.

Did you watch? Are you going to keep watching?

Red Band Society on Fox



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  1. Ashley Fuchs says:

    My fear is, where is the drama going to be? In the relationships? Or in obvi hospital things that we are already accustomed to seeing? There are so many things that my endocrine/GI patients used to deal with. These were the real chronic kids: the post cancer survivors who now had feeling tubes. The short gut kids who were on TPN. The ostomy kids. The ones who had rare metabolic diseases, and needed to be woken every 3 hours for blood sugar checks, and chug corn starch. Medical crap is TMI by nature. What we have to deal with on a daily basis is not only painful to us, it’s usually painfully embarrassing! I can’t even post half the stuff I deal with on my page! For these poor teens, who are already embarrassed enough just by being alive (lol) their medical component takes it to painful levels at times. I do not trust this show to handle any of it accurately.

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